Flat Oval Spiral Duct and Round Spiral Duct

We offer a complete inventory of fittings, including but not limited to Flu-Pipes, Elbows, Tee’s, Reducers, End Caps, Shanty Caps, and Stick-on Collars with or without dampers.

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Tin Ceilings

Mason Scott Industries has been manufacturing Authentic Decorative Metal Walls & Ceilings for over 100 years. Using original sand casted steel dies, our massive Bliss Power Press ensure a clean clear and uniform stamp every time. Over 40 patterns & 18 cornices designs to choose from. Finishes available are Steel, Brass, Copper, Chrome, White and Stainless Steel.

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Sheet Metal and Coils

At Mason Scott Industries, it is our endeavor to provide maximum customer satisfaction by providing quality products as per requirements and delivery at competitive prices. All of our materials’ are prime and kept to the highest quality.

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We offer a complete inventory of Angle and C-Channel in both Galvanized and Black finishes.

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HVAC Insulation

Our HVAC Insulation ensures that you get the desired temperature and prevents air leaks.

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We offer a complete line of Duct Liner Adhesive, (water-based and solvent-based), Duct Sealers, and Silicone.

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We offer a complete line of Scrim Tape, Duct Tape, and Foil Tape. Because we believe in customers’ choice; we have a variety of manufacturers’ tapes in stock at all times.

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As the business of hardware products grows, Mason Scott has expanded its range of products.

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