Insulated Flex MHP-50-R42-R6Insulated Flexible Pipe is always in stock and available for all different applications.

We stock 4″ through 22″ flexible pipe

Our insulated flexible pipe is available in rip-stop silver jacket.

The following are the specifications for “Rip Stop” Silver Jacket Flexduct, UV Inhibited Black Jacket Flexduct, Uninsulated Air Connector, and Mobile Home Duct.


  • Performance Data (Applies to all products, except as otherwise noted)
  • Rated Positive Pressure: 10″ W.C. per UL 181
  • Rated Negative Pressure: 1/2″ W.C. per UL 181
  • Velocity: 6000 FPM
  • Flame Spread / Smoke Developed
  • Less than 25 / Less than 50
  • Temperature Range: -20 degrees F. to 200 degrees F. Intermittent
  • -20 degrees F. to 180 degrees F. Continuous

Flex duct makes adding air duct runs easy and affordable. No need to wrap with insulation because it already is.

Simply slide over round metal fittings and fasten to create complete air runs for new installation or repair.


MHP-50 (50’ length) flexible duct is constructed
with a spring steel wire helix, encapsulated in a
2-ply, air-tight inner core.  Fiberglass insulation
choices of R4.2 & R6 encompass the core and a
unique metalized, reinforced vapor barrier
surrounds the entire duct.


Diameters: R4.2 & R6 4”,5”,6”,7”,8”,9”,10”
Length:  50 feet
Packaging:  1 section per package. To meet thermal  properties, packaging complies with recommended
12:1 or less compression ratio. West coast customers  will be shipped in cartons. Central customers will be  shipped in cartons or poly-bags. East coast customers will be shipped in poly-bags only.   Vapor Barrier:  2-Ply Reinforced Metalized Polyester End Treatments:  Raw Ended
Inner Core:  Air Tight 2-Ply Black Pigmented Polyester


Thermal Value:  R4.2 & R6 Classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and bears the ADC Thermal Certification Mark.
Maximum Positive Pressure:  6” W.G. determined per ADC Test FD-72R1 at 180° F temperatures in a 90° elbow. Maximum Negative Pressure:  1” W.G.
Vapor Barrier:  Flexible air ducts are for indoor applications and should not be exposed to direct ultraviolet light.
Maximum Velocity:  5,000 FPM
Operating Temperatures:  0 – 200° F
Permeance:  (Vapor – Barrier) 0.01 US Perms per
ASTM E96A – 94.


Reduces Flex Duct installed cost by 12%
UL Listed & Labeled
Guaranteed out of package lengths
10 Year limited warranty
GREENGUARD Gold Certification Formaldehyde free (see for more info) 3/8” oversize inner core
Certified R-Values


Listed & Labeled Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. File # MH11637 UL-181 Class 1 Air Duct, Flame Spread 25 or Less / Smoke Developed 50 or Less. Meets the requirements of NFPA 90A & 90B, UMC & IMC and most model codes. California Insulation Manufacturer #TD-1092