Who Is Mason Scott Industries?

The year was 1914 and Louis Goldberg opened shop on the lower east side of Manhattan; manufacturing and selling metal products by day, while grooming a family of metal professionals by night.

Although Louis had long been in the fabrication business, as generations of ownership changed, the nature of the business changed as well. Today, Mason Scott Industries is owned by Scott Fishkind; 4th generation family lineage (Louis’s great grandson) in the metal business.

Mason Scott Industries is most widely known as the most reliable source for all metal products; having a philosophy of there is no “no” or “cant” when it comes to what we CAN do.

One wouldn’t be surprised to see any of our fine products in a multitude of applications as our client base is wide spread across many spectrums of the construction trade.

We don’t just sell to manufacturers, but to architects, design and build firms, as well as many restaurants, bars, and retail outfits.

A signature item of the Mason Scott team is holding close to our DNA and still manufacturing our oldest treasures; the original tin ceilings.

We also now offer flat oval and round spiral duct work, bringing the old in with the new, and creating energy efficient duct work complemented with a retro-industrial look that brings cosmetic décor to your building.

You will find our tin ceiling products in restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs, renovation and restoration, new home construction, do-it-yourself chains, home centers, and lumberyards.

Many times referred to as “tin ceilings,” the panels were never actually made from tin. Some companies used tin plated steel, but eventually found this costly and unnecessary as most people painted over them anyway.

Today in fact, the tin ceilings are stamped from “TFS” or “tin-free-steel.” This is the main reason the tin/steel sheets have to be finished in either a clear coat or painted with oil based paint.

Metal ceilings are truly a part of Americana.

Our Commitment To Excellence

Our team is committed to the success of our customers; and by doing so have knowledge in all areas of our business and trade.

We Are Here To Meet Your Needs

We stock all different gauges of sheets and coils in many different types of metals; as well as a full stocking line of HVAC products and installation materials.

To Make Your Life Easier

Ask one of our fully trained employees to assist you anytime with any question or concern you may have. Do you need your next HVAC install measured, designed, or fabricated? Let us help you, by making your job easier.

Diversity Without Sacrifice!

At Mason Scott Industries, we have built a reputation not only for the diversity of our products, but also on the speed and efficiency of our deliveries and day to day processes.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

We are committed to the goal of customer satisfaction. The result is a pipeline that continues to bring new products to our customers, and a success that supersedes competitors. In today’s day of business, if you don’t offer service you offer nothing. Products are everywhere, the internet is filled with avenues of buying opportunity, and people are always looking for the best deal. At Mason Scott Industries, it is our goal each and every day to offer the best service, the fairest prices, and the highest quality merchandise.